IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!You can now “drop in” to group class for £14 😉

10 group classes £110 (you save £30 and I only count the classes you actually turn up for 😉 It’s valid for 6months 😉

No need to book, just drop by. 

Last chance ’till 7 September 

3 classes next week before the short break.   Monday noon, 6pm & 7pm. Also Tuesday 11am. We will use the bands again. This time for Triceps. Plus some thigh exercises to keep you trim. I’ll suggest a little homework for the following Bank Holiday week 😉 

Lecture by Gillian at The New Sheridan Club

The New Sheridan Club
Thursday 2nd January
Lecture by Gillian Greenwood
“Would you like to get shot of that stiff neck and aching back without leaving the comfort of your study?”
New Sheridan Club – Club Night
7pm–11pm (lecture at 8pm)
Upstairs, The Wheatsheaf, 25 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1JB
Members: Free
Non-Members: £2 (first visit free)

Treat your feet!

Give some thought to your feet! They get squashed into all kinds of different shaped shoes, day in day out. However, they continue to take you wherever you need to go and only complain when you’ve asked far too much from them.
So this Xmas they deserve a treat. Invest in a pumice stone! At the end of your bath, using your luxurious bath products that you got for Xmas, rub the pumice over any callouses or rough areas on your feet. Be gentle, remember you can always do more tomorrow, but you can’t undo any damage you may cause today.
Alternatively, book in with your beautician for a pedicure or find a chiropodist for a more medical treatment/diagnosis.

Look out for my next post on weight placement for the feet and how it can help banish callouses.

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Mind Body Spirit Pilates

Boxing Day abs

Boxing Day Abs
After a few roll downs, make sure you get down to the mat and do some crunches and obliques. (Don’t worry about the 100 today!)
10 reps crunches
5/5 obliques (twists)
Well done! Now you can have fun 😉

Xmas Day Pilates

Merry Xmas everyone
Remember to do a few exercises each day to keep you in the loop.
Ideas for today:
When it gets dark, take a walk around your neighborhood for at least 20 minutes. Count how many Xmas trees you see. During the walk make sure you hold your tummy in a little and find your pelvic floor.

Tomorrow we’ll do do some abs to tone up post turkey!

Best nutrition advice

Very interesting link and I always knew eggs were good for us ….

Best mascara ever?

Guerlain has a wonderful mascara – Le 2 de Guerlain Two Brush Mascara

The ingredients prevent the mascara from flaking ie you don’t get bits of mascara falling onto your cheek or smudging. This is particularly good for the lower lashes where it is inclined to smudge down and give you Panda eyes!

The Guerlain mascara has two ends – at one end a regular/sized brush for upper lashes and at the other a smaller brush for lower lashes and shorter side lashes (or you can opt for the other model that has an eyeliner at the smaller end.)

All in all a great mascara. I never thought I’d rave about a mascara but then I hadn’t tried this one.

Pilates for warm flexible hands whilst out and about

It’s important to keep good circulation especially in your hands where we have many small bones, joints and nerve endings. Remember to wear warm gloves. Cashmere is much warmer than wool or man-made fibre. Try investing in cashmere lined leather gloves for these freezing temperatures.

Exercise your hands and keep good circulation by spreading your fingers as far apart as possible and then ‘play the piano’! Then make a fist and begin again.

Keep your hands extra warm by walking with your hands in your pockets.

The cold will dry your skin, so remember to moisturise after washing your hands.