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This is an invited article written by Gillian for Dental Health magazine July 2021:
DH July 2021 p28-30 GG

This is an invited article written by Gillian for Dental Health magazine March 2021:
DH Mar-Apr 2021 Gillian Greenwood

This article in the Times Feb 2017
Pilates not painkillers the best cure for backache

Here is a collection of the newspaper coverage and articles from magazines about Gillian’s classes:
Royal College of Music     Health Week Class + Q&A – Feb 2016

msn HER – May 2012
What can Pilates do for you
So Feminine online magazine article on pilates – Nov 2011


London Region of the British Horse Society – September 2011
“PILATES Gillian Greenwood ( did a practical hands on demonstration of Pilates showing how to strengthens one’s core and breathe correctly to improve one’s riding. It was a very informative evening in the lovely surroundings of Vauxhall City Farm”

Equestrian Magazine – June 2011
“Pilates for Equestrians”

Wimbledon “Decoded” Magazine – March 2011

“Fun Events at Wimbledon Village Stables”


Evening Standard – ES Beauty – 24 April 2009
“The Hot List”
Gillian Greenwood
Why: A trained dancer, gym instructor and Pilates teacher for 16 years, Gillian is sensitive to sports injuries. Classes are varied and lively, so you aren’t aware how hard you are working until the next day when your muscles let you know.
Who Goes There: Julian Clary
Insider Tip: ‘Master the “easy” exercises before moving on. Even the best Pilates teachers do this.’


Families SW (UK) – March 2009
With each new celebrity mum we witness an even quicker snapping back into shape. J-Lo apparently hired a team of nutritionists and trainers to help her loose the baby weight. Heidi Klum was back on the catwalk two months after having her second child. No presume for us regular mums then?! But whilst celebrities can afford the time and money required to speedily recapture their pre-baby body, most of us simply don’t have the scope for a quick solution.
… Gillian Greenwood “London’s top Pilates therapist and well-being guru” (The London Paper) is based in South West London and runs classes in Fulham, Chelsea and Kensington.

London O Madame Magazine – 4 March 2008
published online here

Evening Standard – 8 June 2008
Which Pilates is right for you?
It is now one of the most popular exercise classes but comes in a bewildering number of varieties. Alice Hart?Davis identifies the best.
… In South Kensington, Gillian Greenwood is particularly good


Families SW (UK) – Jan 2008
Since Families SW featured her teaching postnatal body conditioning in 1993, Gillian Greenwood has trained in Body Control Pilates, given private lessons to Julian Clary and written a book, Her philosophy is to keep going back to the basic, to maintain the correct form throughout the exercise rather than perform a complicated choreography of postures. Gillian’s methods can help. among others. neck and back problems, the best possible medicine according to one student. Classes are held in 10 week blocks. Private training sessions also available. Chelsea, Fulham & South Kensington.


Evening Standard – 8 June 2007
Pilates works wonders for posture since it is all about balancing the body by getting some length into muscles which are over-tight and strengthening weak areas. The main focus is on the “core” – the deep muscles of the stomach and back which give the body its strength and stability.


ES (Evening Standard) Magazine – June 2007
TIP: Tackle the basics first, such as how to use your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates moves should feel subtle and not too strong.
Why: You tend to show a lot more skin in summer, so tone up. Try Pilates like Liv Tyler.
Treatment: A one-to-one private Pilates session at home with holistic health and fitness consultant Gillian Greenwood.


The Daily Telegraph – March 2007
“Health on Monday: It’s all gain – without the pain”
People ask if Pilates can help them lose weight. Yes, it can, as respected London instructor Gillian Greenwood explains: “Improved posture makes it easier for your digestive organs to work efficiently. The feelgood factor makes you inclined to eat the right foods, exercise regularly and perhaps change your lifestyle. Self-esteem improves when you look and feel thinner so you have more faith in yourself, and the world has more faith in you.”
But as Pilates is not a cardiovascular workout, Gillian advises devotees to do some form of aerobic exercise as well.


The London Paper – January 2007
London’s Top 50 Well Being Gurus
Pilates Therapist Gillian Greenwood
A saviour to pregnant to women dreading childbirth, Greenwood’s 16 years of experience as a dancer, gymnast, masseuse and Body Control Pilates instructor, give her an unrivalled understanding of anatomy and physiology. Former client Heather Richards from Fulham reveals: “I had a difficult birth with my first baby, so took up Pilates with Gillian for my second. Afterwards I experienced less backache, a wonderfully easy birth and rapid recovery time.”


Evening Standard (UK) – October 2006
Autumnal treats for a lunchtime for a lunchtime of leisure:
Good Posture
Lengthening, softening and melting are three buzzwords used in Pilates guru Gillian Greenwood’s classes. Julian Clary, among others, swears by her lifestyle advice and claims to have achieved a body re-alignment and peace of mind through her instruction. And the great thing is, she’ll even come to your office. £35 for 30 minutes. Budokwai Club, 4 Gilston Rd, SW10.

Rise Magazine – August 2006

Perfect Pilates
Local health and fitness consultant Gillian Greenwood – awarded the highest score in a London survey of Pilates instructors – is about to publish Pilates and Lifestyle. With a glowing introduction from client Julian Clary, the book is the first to combine safe, clear instructions for Pilates at home, with non patronising health and beauty tips. You also get Gillian to visit you at home.


Evening Standard (UK) – January 2003
Gillian awarded highest score in survey of London Pilates Instructors
Article secretly testing Pilates classes in London
“TEACHER: Gillian Greenwood, who has trained in the Body Control Pilates method, and also teaches at other venues.
HOW GOOD IS IT? A good class, though with a reduced range of movements and stretches. Delightfully calming, but it was also remarkably unphysical. CHRISTINE SAYS: 1 rather enjoyed her idea of ‘floating the weight of my limbs’ – most refreshing. I didn’t agree entirely on alignment, but that’s a matter of professional opinion. But Gillian has a touch of the guru about, her and for what it is, it’s good.”


Wet Set Gazette (USA)Exercise Workshops 1995
“Gillian Greenwood holds workshops for mothers arid mothers-to-be, as well as for exercise instructors, teaching them how they can adapt their class exercises to accommodate them. These workshops are currently held in England, but Gillian is very keen to circulate her knowledge throughout Los Angeles by incorporating workshops in her visits to the States.

The trouble with introducing new exercises into a pre/post-natal class, says Gillian, is that not all of the exercises suit everyone. The whole idea of the workshops is to explore just how many different ways a certain muscle group can be exercised or stretched. Tried and trusted exercises that are old favourites with the mothers are analysed to help the instructor discover what makes an effective, fun pre/post-natal class that keeps the moms corning back for more!

The workshops provide the class members with a chance to give their opinions on the exercises. They can tell the instructors which movements they enjoy doing and what they consider is the ideal number of repetitions. The workshops are fun and very informal, giving everyone an opportunity to contribute ideas and opinions.

Mothers-to-be who wish to gain an insight into the methods Gillian uses for exercising should contact her stating past, medical history, doctors approval to exercise, whether it is the first or subsequent child and the expected date of birth. Post-natal mothers need to state delivery date and type of delivery

Any instructors of pre/post-natal exercise who would like to attend Gillian’s workshops should send details of their training and type of classes they teach.

Gillian Greenwood is Pre/Post-Natal Consultant for Holmes Place Health club In Chelsea London, and Lingfield Health Club, Hampstead London. She is also a freelancer personal trainer, lecturer, writer and masseuse. She has written on the subject of Pre/Post-Natal Exercise for the American Medical Association the Reader’s Digest Home Library Series and Practical Parenting Magazine.”

American Fitness (USA) – Feb 1993

“Gillian Greenwood is something of a midwife of women’s fitness. She is also a leader in European instructors as one of the first overseas AFAA examiners. In addition to her personal training, low-impact, stretch and tone program and weight loss and flexibility program, Greenwood presents pre and post-natal workshops. She is an instructor and pre/post-natal consultant at Holmes Place Health Club in Chelsea, London.”

Health and Fitness (UK) – Nov 95

Back to Work, How to Exercise with Back Pain by Mary Comber
(Interviewing Gillian Greenwood)

“Little often and carefully is the key”  said Greenwood, an instructor specialising in back care. “Part of the cause of back problems is that people are not taught these exercises properly. Its amazing how many people don’t know how to breathe out when pulling in their abdominal muscles or that pressing your lower back into the floor causes back strain.

Once abdominals are strong they’ll provide support during other floor exercises.”

“Always keep your midsection strong and back still, by using your abdominals and breathing correctly” says Greenwood.  “Keep repetitions to the amount you can do without your lower back participating.  Exercises to avoid include standing toe touches, double leg lifts, and full neck circles.

Back strengthening exercises are not as vital as abdominal ones and can damage the back if poorly executed. Approached carefully, they help relieve stiffness.  Aerobic and body conditioning classes are not off limits for bad backs if you pay attention to form.

“People push their arms forward and end up throwing their whole upper bodies forward – often heals don’t come down to the floor.  So people shorten their Achilles tendons, causing the muscle imbalance in the body” says Greenwood. “Only use weights if you’ve perfected alignment and technique, and you really need the extra resistance.  In the gym, ensure machines are individually adjusted. Cycling is fine, for instance, provided you are not hunched over low handlebars.

Safest of all is swimming,  particularly crawl; your back is supported and horizontal, holding your head above water will strain your back.

“Whatever sport you are doing, notice the shape of your spine” says Greenwood. “If its unnatural and tense you will have problems.”


Families SW (UK) March 1993
Exercise with Confidence

“I have recently discovered the services offered by Gillian Greenwood, a masseuse and exercise teacher who will come to your home and arrange exercises on a one-to-one basis or for a group of friends.

Gillian specialise in exercises and massage for pregnant and newly delivered mums and has an impressive list of qualifications gained in the UK and USA.  Pregnant women and those who have recently had their babies do need to take special care when exercising, and Gillian feels it is important for them to know they are being taught by someone who really does know what they are doing.”


Sunderland Echo (UK) 28/11/1991

It’s a labour of love

“It was kids stuff for these two midwives when they were put through their paces by health and fitness consultant Gillian Greenwood as part of a pre and post-natal exercise workshop.

The workshop in the Echo’s exhibition hall at the Pennywell head office was aimed at educating expectant women on everything from fitness do’s and don’ts to decent diets.

But there was also a physical side to the day with a series of exercises throughout the morning and a talk on cellulite problems during the afternoon.

A mix of midwives and mothers went through the sort of exercises that are beneficial both during and after pregnancy.

After the demonstrations the midwives were on hand to discuss all aspects of pregnancy