Clients Say

What do Gillian’s clients say about her classes?

I have been attending Gillian’s Pilates classes for the last 12 years. I can truly say that at the end of each session I feel much better than I did before I started!! This is particularly relevant this year when I have been ill for 4 months and the effort of attending class was sometimes too much to contemplate. However I persuaded myself to do the work and always felt much better at the end of each session. Gillian tries to organise her Pilates exercises around the needs of her clients and this is hugely beneficial.
Gillian is an excellent and versatile teacher.
Diana Von Preuchen
Thanks Gillian – your classes make all the difference!
Steffi Callan
A big thank you Gillian for all your patient teaching. I do enjoy your classes, I certainly feel the benefits and always look forward to the classes.  Gillian is a brilliant Pilates teacher. She always goes that extra mile to improve everyones technique. Since attending her classes I feel stronger, more supple and my posture has definitely improved.  So glad I found her!
Jean Stockwell

Gillian, I have told hundreds of people that your lessons literally rescued my back. Since I was a teenager, and before joining your classes, I had regular attacks of pain that literally paralised me for days. After a while taking strong painkillers had become the only solution. Thanks to the classes, I did not experience one single day of back ache during my two pregnancies (literally, incredible as it may sound!) and the discipline you taught me in everyday actions (how NOT to get up, how to move the right way and focus on my core rather than weaken my back) mean that my core is very strong and correctly supports my body.

Giuseppina Mazzella

I enjoy and need your Zoom class so much! Thanks for your great teaching and attention to each of us. Very much appreciated 🙂
Warm regards Nathalie

Thank you Gillian.

I hope you realize how helpful you have been to all of us teaching our classes on Zoom.  Most of the women in my usual class walk, take the bus, take the tube, and generally keep rather fit for their age.  We are way overweight and we are conscious of our health.  With the lockdown and mini lockdown now, we have all sat on our butts and eaten/drunk more than we usually do!

I am proud of these women (and the men) who consciously have made the effort to join you online.  Also, most of us are not that technical so it has been a steep learning curve for many of us.
You are the exercise guru and we have stuck with you throughout so that can be to your and our credit. I shall join you:
Monday 11am PilatesYoga
Tuesday 11am PilatesYoga
Wednesday 11am PilatesYoga
Friday 1pm PilatesWeights
Take care. Bonnie Sher
Gillian you are keeping us sane! I wanted to congratulate you on the way you are teaching the classes, it cannot be easy teaching on Zoom – over a screen. And what a great idea to offer ballet and gentle aerobics and weights in addition to Pilates; especially for the aerobics class which I really enjoyed, thank you so much for it! It was a lot of fun and not hard for me to follow you.
I think you are doing and excellent job; is very difficult to teach virtually to different levels, but you manage to do it anyway.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s class! Belen Fernandez

Since coming Gillian’s class I don’t need to take Ibuprofen  anymore.  I feel so much better.  Hanne Rutherford

Dear Gillian,
I just want to tell you how much better I feel after your excellent class – my brain fog has cleared and I feel ready for anything! 
Thank you so much for continuing the class during this uncertain time. xx  Mary Mortimer 

I can now turn my head when reversing my car!  Geoffrey Walker

I feel taller. Annette Bradshaw

So happy we started working with you! Many thanks Gillian for raising our consciousness while keeping our feet or bodies firmly on the ground! Feel we’ve made great strides – much appreciated. Jeanne & Robin Stainer

I didn’t think I would change shape, but with Gillian’s classes I have !  And I’m very pleased Gail Burkett

Thanks so much for the great classes, they make me feel so much better! Barbara Domayne-Hayman

Gillian taught me to focus on delicate movements at my tail bone and at the top of my neck. Until then I didn’t even realise they were stiff.  Practising this has helped my riding and I suddenly realised the same must be true for horses. So I tried to reduce the neck movements, by releasing the rein –  the movement was almost imperceptible,  however I found within twenty minutes the horse was happier and more flexible. Elaine Maxwell 

I just wanted to say thank you for your classes, and hooray! I bought a pair of trousers today 2 sizes smaller than my usual size as a result of the exercises we do! So thank you twice! Lesley Perry

I used to have a stiff neck and now it is completely better, thanks to Gillian’s classes. Sandy Thomas

I would like to sincerely thank Gillian for her kind support throughout my two pregnancies. She helped me to feel better and keep fit throughout both my pregnancy. I was able to do some relaxing and strengthening exercises until the very end of my pregnancy and that made me happy and very proud! I even had a pilates lesson with Gillian 24 hours before I gave birth! Laurene de Mortemart

I used to suffer from insomnia. I’m now enjoying Pilates with Gillian and you wouldn’t believe how well I can sleep after every class. Caya Fairrie

…thank you and really looking forward to attending your class again, i haven’t found a better pilates instructor in more than 10 years. Lin Du

With Pilates lying on a mat, we learn how to feel good when standing. Far from the stress outside, you will learn how to feel good. Following Gillian’s Pilates courses helps you to feel what is best for your body and how you can work to improve your condition or recover from any pain. You will also learn body awareness. We are invited by her to do exercises step by step at our own pace. We learn how, by not focusing on the result first but on the best personal route to achieve it.  But we do exercise as well, without force, and in the effort we find where we always feel good! When this is understood, the result is certainly close.

Avec les Pilates on apprend, allongé sur un tapis, à se sentir bien debout, loin de la performance et des courbatures qui rassurent. Suivre un cours avec Gillian permet de prendre intérieurement conscience de son corps. L’important est avant tout de comprendre comment ce corps fonctionne en suivant à son rythme, étape par étape, les exercices qu’elle nous enseigne. On apprend à ne pas se focaliser sur le résultat mais sur le bon chemin à prendre pour bien y parvenir. Sans forcer. En trouvant dans l’effort où l’on se sent bien. Si l’on a compris cela, le résultat est à coup sûr au bout du chemin ! Marie-Agnes Boquien-Fresneau 

I am a horse riding teacher and have been taking Pilates classes with Gillian for the last 4 months. I could feel the difference in my back within the first month but now the difference is visible. I am sitting much straighter through my back for much longer lengths of time and without feeling any pain or stiffness, which has been hugely helpful for improving my position in the saddle! Now I feel I can really push myself in the classes and I’m sure my body will continue to feel the benefits from Pilates! Genna B

I took up weekly Pilates sessions with Gillian Greenwood, became pregnant again, continued lessons throughout my pregnancy and this time had a much easier birth.  I regained my figure, including my tummy muscles, much quicker this time round and achieved a flatter tummy.   I have proved to myself that taking Pilates classes with Gillian makes pregnancy, giving birth and post-natal recovery easier.  I still continue my weekly Pilates lessons with Gillian.  The classes make me feel and look better. Geraldine Mitchell, 39, London

At 79, I was all too aware that my body was slowly seizing up. My brother recommended Pilates and a friend recommended Gillian. After my first private class I was surprised at how light my body felt. After five classes I can feel that I am recovering flexibility and breathe more easily. Thank you. Geof F Walker

Dear Gillian – a gift for you, just a small token of appreciation for all of your brilliant teaching over the years. Thank you Nicola

Thank you for your help over the last year. I much appreciated it and can only say that it has greatly helped me to stay in shape towards the end of my pregnancy and to get back in shape afterwards. T D-M

Having experienced a difficult birth with my first baby, I took up Pilates with Gillian three months into my second pregnancy.  I experienced less backache during the pregnancy, and not only did I have a wonderfully easy and straightforward birth second time around, but the recovery was so much quicker.  I know Gillian had helped me to strengthen my back and improve my posture and core stability.  This meant not only recovering my figure and getting a flat stomach (which I hadn’t had since before the first birth!) but also meant easier and more comfortable positioning when breast feeding and carrying the baby.  I have continued Pilates with Gillian because it is an investment in the health of my body – Heather Rocklin  mother to two boys, Fulham, London

“As a result of doing Pilates I have ‘grown’  three-quarters of an inch, at an age where one might expect to start shrinking – wonderful! Thank you!” – Caroline Loeb

“Breaking one’s femur at 57 is no fun. Thankfully, however, being one of Gillian’s pilates students, my recovery was achieved ahead of schedule. Pilates had given me strength, flexibility and suppleness and it has now helped me regain all three. Thank you Gillian!” – Sue Williams 

“Since I followed Gillian’s classes, I don’t suffer any more from lower back or neck pain.” R. F.

“Since doing Pilates regularly I no longer suffer from tension migraines and related neck pains, which I used to get on a regular basis.” K. C.

“Since taking up Pilates classes with Gillian, my lower back pain has disappeared.” K. W.

“Great class”  Charlotte Toner and Strengthener for my thighs. C. B.

“I believe Pilates has helped me stay fit for football and cricket, after having a number of injuries I feel much less stressed after a hard day infront of a computer.” N. B.

‘I enjoy the flexibility you offer in meeting each person’s individual needs. This allows us to progress at our own pace and keeps it challenging and interesting.” F. L. B.

“An excellent class – it has really reduced my backache.”N. C.“It has really helped with my singing, re: breathing and support. Also I haven’t been to the osteopath with a stiff neck for ages.” L. B.

“Had hip replacement – find I’m much stronger and more mobile than I might have been.” C. R. W.


‘I want to say that I am loving this new class on Tuesdays  – I feel so much taller by 3 or 4 inches, and after today’s class my back has never felt so strong and my body feels that it is in calm connection.
Thank you so much for your excellent individual attention, you are a wonderful teacher. Best” Mary Mortimer