About Pilates

What is Pilates?

It is an exercise technique devised by Joseph Pilates, born in Germany 1880. He was frail as a child and, as he grew older, became more and more interested in fitness programmes in order to improve his physique. He discovered that, if he held his stomach muscles in whilst exercising, his lower back was protected – current research has demonstrated that his ideas were correct – This led to his developing his own exercising programme. Body Control Pilates updated his program and it soon attracted many well-known personalities in the sports and entertainment world.

Regarded until now as ‘the exercise world’s best-kept secret’, it has now won widespread acclaim and popularity. Devotees include Wayne Sleep, Stefanie Powers, Patti Boulaye, Pat Cash and Madonna.Pilates has helped everyone from first-time exercisers, neck and back sufferers, to elite athletes and sports professionals. It will help strengthen your muscles and re-align your spine, thus enabling you to relax the tight neck and back muscles as the postural muscles hold you upright. The technique will help you achieve a longer, leaner, more supple and relaxed body. It is excellent for stress management.


You will begin by learning core stability (pelvic and shoulder girdle stability) using abdominals, postural muscles and breathing. This will be incorporated into sit-ups using your stomach, not your back and neck! You will then use your postural muscles in a variety of exercises (including familiar ones – squats, press-ups, etc.) to tone, strengthen and stretch from head to toe, including all those difficult-to-target areas!