Online Classes Help

I use the free Zoom app for my online classes (it’s a bit like Skype or Facetime but is great for groups)

How to get Zoom

You’ll need to install a free app – the Zoom app on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. (The larger the screen the better.)
NB Installing Zoom may take a little while.
Click on this link:
and sign up (button top right) this will walk you through installing the Zoom app on your computer/phone
You don’t need to pay them anything!

You are now ready to join an online ‘Live’ class!

N.B. This is important: When you have connected to the meeting, if you get a message saying

Waiting for the host to start this meeting” please WAIT !  and you will get connected!

How best to use Zoom

Put your laptop, tablet, phone on a table so that you can begin standing, then you’ll need to lower it so that I can see you sideways on the floor.

Please make sure you have charged your device beforehand and remember where is best to position yourself and your device


Monday 11am, 6pm,7pm Pilates
Tuesday 11am Pilates
Wednesday 11am Pilates
Thursday 1pm Absolute Beginners Ballet 
Friday 11am Pilates, Gentle Aerobics & “weights” (using objects found in the home!)

Pricing – Bank Transfer
Sort code: 20-35-90 
A/c no: 50635065 
Name: Miss Gillian Frances Greenwood 
Reference; time and date of class e.g. 11am 23rd March
fee: Pilates £15 
       Ballet   £10 
Reference; time and date of class e.g. 11am 23rd March
fee:  Pilates £15 
        Ballet   £10 

Signing up

Register for Class – after paying for class.  Each week you need to request a one-off code for each individual class you wish to participate in.  I’ll be sending out codes for morning classes the night before and evening classes on the afternoon the same day.  And each code is valid from five minutes before the class begins until the class has finished.

Gentle Aerobics – no equipment needed

You don’t need any equipment.  I’m choreographing class without any equipment and no one is using equipment.

Friday class: Gentle Aerobics to get everyone moving, while the lockdown is in place, especially for those of you who can’t even go out! I will also include some strength work using whatever we can find about the home – a couple tins of baked beans – small bottles of coke – books – any two objects that weigh around 1-2 kg, like we do in class.  Please wear trainers or plimsolls for the Gentle Aerobic part.

Pilates Equipment (Optional)

Clients have been asking me to send them balls/bands for their own practice. (If it ends up with everyone in a particular class having equipment we may end up using bands or balls, however I’m not expecting anyone to buy for my classes.)
If you do want to purchase:
Purple Stretchy Band £10
Small Inflatable Ball £20
Head Cushion £20
postage £3 second class
              £4 first class

Any Other Questions

Any questions or problems you can email or ring me 07366 035564

If you’d like a Private lesson on Zoom please let me know.